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Flange type High-stiffness Torque Detector TQ-3507

Capturing minute fluctuations accurately

Flange type High-stiffness Torque Detector

The improvement of energy efficiency has been required in future generation vehicles. The TQ-3507 Torque Detector developed for the measurement of torque capacity 5 kNm accurately captures minute torque fluctuations. It helps to grasp the energy loss precisely and improve energy efficiency of your system.


1. Outstanding mechanical characteristics 

 Achieves high stiffness

Torsional stiffness : 13,000 kN · m/rad

The torsional resonance frequency (detector itself) is approx. 3,500Hz.
Increased stiffness while maintaining accuracy. The high stiffness enables to accurately reproduce the driving state of the actual vehicle, and capture even minute torque fluctuations.

 Light weight

Reviewed the structure and achieved a weight reduction of about 3 kg compared to the existing model.

Calibration with a high-precision torque reference device

2. High accuracy

The non-linearity including hysteresis is most basic characteristics required for highly accurate torque measurement. ±0.02 %F.S. is available with the optional high accuracy.

Standard      Option
±0.05 %F.S. ⇒  ±0.02 %F.S.

Durability testing with continuous load testing system

Example of system configuration

Bench system for evaluation of EV drive unit

Accurately measures the transient torque when driving on a snowy road or on a wavy road that is reproduced on a bench.

Torque measurement system

Supports general-purpose digital communication to accurately transmit measured torque.


Rated torque 5,000 N·m
Rated sensitivity (zero to rated torque) 5,000 Hz
Output at zero torque 10,000 Hz
Rated output signal Positive rated torque 15,000 Hz
Negative rated torque 5,000 Hz
Output change in the
rated temperature range
Sensitivity fluctuation
with temperature change of 10℃
±0.1 %F.S. or less
±0.015 %F.S. or less (with option TQ-0901)
Fluctuation at torque zero
with temperature change of 10℃
±0.05 %F.S. or less
±0.015 %F.S. or less (with option TQ-0901)
Nonlinearity (including hysteresis) ±0.05 %F.S. or less
±0.02 %F.S. or less (with option TQ-0435)
Rated rotational speed 8,000 r min
Limit load Limit torque 10 kN·m (200 % of rated torque)
Breakdown torque 20 kN·m or more (400 % of rated torque)
Thrust limit force 22 kN
Radial limit force 30 kN
Bending limit moment 2.5 kN·m
Mechanical quantity Torsional stiffness 13,000 kN·m/rad
Bending stiffness 54 kN·m/deg
Inertia moment 102×10-3 kgm2
* 107×10-3 kgm(with rotational detection gear)
ISO1940 balance grade G2.5
Supply voltage DC24 V (18 to 30 V)
Current consumption 210 mA or less (at supply voltage 24 V)
Power consumption 5 W or less
Reference temperature 25 ℃
Rated temperature range 10 to 60 ℃
Allowable temperature range -10 to 60 ℃
Allowable humidity range 20 to 85 % with no condensation
Storage temperature range -20 to 70 ℃
Storage humidity range 20 to 85 % with no condensation
Mass Sensor unit (Rotor):11.3 kg
*with rotational detection gear: 11.6 kg
Stator main unit: 1.7 kg
CE Marking EMC Directive 2014/30/EU Standard EN61326-1
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Standard EN IEC 63000
Operating environment Indoor use
Accessories Instruction manual (1 set)
Inspection chart (1 set)
Torque label (sticker as 1 spare item, 1 set)


ModelProduct name
TQ-0105Torque signal cable 5 m D-Sub15
TQ-0110Torque signal cable 10 m D-Sub15
TQ-0115Torque signal cable 15 m D-Sub15
TQ-0120Torque signal cable 20 m D-Sub15
TQ-0130Torque signal cable 30 m D-Sub15
MX-8105Rotational signal cable 5 m
MX-8110Rotational signal cable 10 m
MX-8115Rotational signal cable 15 m
MX-8120Rotational signal cable 20 m
MX-8130Rotational signal cable 30 m
TQ-0235Rotational detection gear (180 P/R)
MP-9820Magneto-electric rotation detector
TQ-0435*1High accuracy option
TQ-0635Multi-range option
TQ-0901*2Temperature effect adjustment option

*1: Nonlinearity including hysteresis: ±0.02 %F.S. or less
*2: Fluctuation at zero torque and the sensitivity fluctuation in the temperature range of 25℃ to 60℃ (change of 35℃) : ± 0.05 %F.S. or less