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High precision Sound Level Meter

The LA-7000 series sound level meter features a large color LCD touch panel, significantly improving operation with its intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. This noise meter not only measures and computes noise levels but also allows for listening to the sound during measurement, facilitating the identification of sound sources and confirming recordings. With optional upgrades, it can evolve beyond a sound level meter to function as a sound analyzer, frequency analyzer, and sound recorder. The LA-7000 series enables efficient measurement work by combining noise measurement, sound recording, frequency analysis, and abnormal sound source detection in a single device. Furthermore, data saved with the LA-7000 series can be combined with various analysis software, enabling waveform analysis, sound quality evaluation, fluctuating sound analysis, and sound frequency simulation.




  • Class 1
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Measurement level range: 20 to 128 dB.
  • Self-noise level: Below 12 dB.
  • Class 1
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz / 1 Hz to 20 kHz (with ultra-low frequency function).
  • Measurement level range: 24 to 138 dB.
  • Self-noise level: Below 16 dB.
  • Class 2.
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 8 kHz.
  • Measurement level range: 23 to 138 dB.
  • Self-noise level: Below 17 dB.


Ease of Handling:

  • 35% smaller than the previous model, making it easier to handle
  • Designed to prevent accidental drops

Intuitive Operation:

  • Clear overlay display and red warning for range overruns for easy understanding.
  • One-tap start for computation data and recording.
  • Ability to listen to the sound while measuring using the headphone.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Approximately 12 hours of operation with alkaline batteries, with USB power supply also available.
  • Easy switching of computation mode, range, and measurement time.
  • Basic screen return with the home key, and key lock with a long press.
  • Correction feature when using a windscreen.
  • Switchable display between Japanese and English.
  • Capability to capture and output images.
  • ON/OFF switching in conjunction with an external power source.

Standard Functions:

  • Modes: Offers SINGLE, DUAL, and QUAD modes for displaying computation values with different frequency and time weighting characteristics.
  • Listening Function: Enables measurement while listening, ideal for anechoic chamber measurements or remote monitoring.
  • 1/1 Real-Time Octave Analysis: Features RTA1/1 and Filter1/1 modes for detailed frequency analysis and focused listening in noisy environments.
  • Calibration History Feature: Facilitates easy management and verification of the noise meter’s performance.

Optional Features:

Option 1/3 Real-time Octave Analysis Function LA-0702

  • English: Enables detailed sound analysis and evaluation by dividing the octave band further. It’s possible to listen to sounds filtered through a 1/3 octave band filter. This is the most commonly used analysis function and filter for sound.

Option FFT Analysis Function LA-0703

  • English: FFT analysis allows checking the magnitude of sound for each frequency component. It supports automatic data saving and FFT analysis while recording. Improved resolution with 800 and 1600 lines.

Option Sound Recording Function LA-0704

  • English: Allows recording of audio data and playback on the sound level meter itself. Recorded files can be analyzed offline using O-Solution.

Option Offline Analysis Function LA-0704

  • English: Enables analysis of recorded sounds at a later time. Supports re-calculation and re-analysis (FFT, RTA, etc.) of Leq and other parameters.

Option Level Judgment Function LA-0705

  • English: Comes with an output cable and provides color-coded display when the set value is exceeded.

Option Level Simulator Function LA-0707

  • English: Allows listening to the sound after reducing the level of the problematic frequency band, and simulating the effect of the measures before implementation.

Option Sound Quality Evaluation Function LA-0708A

  • English: Effective for sound quality evaluation using loudness, sharpness, and Comfort Index, especially in cases where noise level assessments differ from human perception.

Option Ultra-Low Frequency Sound Measurement Function LA-0709

  • English: Capable of measuring ultra-low frequency sounds (1-20 Hz) that are inaudible to the human ear.


LA-7700 Class1LA-7500 Class1LA-7200 Class2
Applicable standardJIS C 1509-1: 2017 Class1
JIS C 1516   : 2020 Class1
JIS C 1509-1: 2017 Class2
JIS C 1516   : 2020 Class2
IEC 61672-1: 2013 Class 1IEC 61672-1: 2013 Class 2
ANSI S1.4-2014/Part1 Class1ANSI S1.4-2014/Part1 Class2
Measurement frequency range10 Hz to 20 kHz10 Hz to 20 kHz
1 Hz to 20 kHz*1
10 Hz to 8 kHz
Measurement level range (IEC, JIS)A: 20 to 128 dB
C: 28 to 128 dB
Z: 34 to 128 dB
A: 24 to 138 dB
C: 32 to 138 dB
Z: 38 to 138 dB
Z: 50 to 138 dB *1
G: 35 to 138 dB *1
or more*1
A: 23 to 138 dB
C: 30 to 138 dB
Z: 36 to 138 dB
Self-noise levelA: 12 dB or less
C: 20 dB or less
Z: 26 dB or less
A: 16 dB or less
C: 24 dB or less
Z: 30 dB or less
G: 27 dB or less*1
A: 17 dB or less
C: 24 dB or less
Z: 30 dB or less
Microphone preamplifierMI-3270
Linearity rangeWide range: 110 dB / Normal range: 80 dB
Level range10 to 120 dB (wide)/50 to 120 dB/40 to 110 dB/30 to 100 dB/20 to 90 dB/10 to 80 dB/0 to 70 dB20 to 130 dB (wide)/60 to 130 dB/50 to 120 dB/
40 to 110 dB/30 to 100 dB/20 to 90 dB/10 to 80 dB
Reference range50 to 120 dB
Time weighting e.g.: LAFF (fast), S (slow), I (impulse) and 10 msF (fast), S (slow), I (impulse), 10 ms and 10 s*1F (fast), S (slow), I (impulse) and 10 ms
Frequency weighting e.g.: LAFA, C and ZA, C, Z and G*1A, C and Z
Measurement itemsLp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin Lpeak,
N (L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, Lhigh, Llow, Lave, and two more of any LN data)
Sampling interval15.6 µs (Lp, Leq, L E, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak), 100 ms (LN)
Measurement timee.g.: If you want to measure a fixed 10-minute period every hour,
       and wish to measure this for 24 hours,
       M.T:10 minutes, P.T: 1 hour, and T.T: 24 hours
 Measurement time
Manual (OFF), user-specified setup: 0.1 to 199 hour 59 min. 59.9 sec. resolution: 0.1 sec.
Period time
(Period Time)
1 min. to 24 hours / resolution: 1 min.
Total Time
(Total Time)
0.1 sec. to 999 hour 59 min. 59.9 sec. / resolution: 0.1 sec.
Start modeManual start, timer start, count down start, level start
Display device4.3-inch LCD with color backlight (touch panel type)
 Digital display4-digit/ resolution: 0.1 dB/ update cycle: 1 s
Bar indicatorWide range: 100 dB of display range/ Normal range: 70 dB of display range
Remaining battery level display4-step display
Operation mode(Online) mode
Standard: SLM-single, Dual, Quad, Filter 1/1, RTA1/1
Option: Filter 1/3 (LA-0702), RTA 1/3 (LA-0702), FFT (LA-0703), LSIM (LA-0707), SQE stationary sound (LA-0708A)
Standard: SLM-single, Dual, Quad, Filter 1/1, RTAl/1
Option: Filter 1/3 (LA-0702), RTA 1/3 (LA-0702), FFT (LA- 0703), LSIM (LA-0707)
*SQE stationary sound (LA-0708A) is not available.
Offline mode
(LA-0704 required)
Standard: SLM-single, Dual, Quad, Filter 1/1, RTA1/1
Option: Filter 1/3 (LA-0702), RTA 1/3 (LA-0702), FFT (LA-0703)
Overlay displayOverlay displayStandard: RTA 1/1
Option: RTA 1/3 (LA-0702)
Background noise correctionStandard: RTA 1/1
Option: RTA 1/3 (LA-0702)
Memory functionStored in an SD/SDHC card (SDHC card: up to 32 GB.)
 Memory mode
MANUAL (CSV file)………standard function
AUTO (instantaneous value, calculated value, CSV file)………standard function
LOGGING (instantaneous value, 10 ms or 100 ms, CSV file)………standard function
RECORD (WAVE file: 64 kHz sampling)………required for the LA-0704
Panel condition memoryInternal memory (internal condition : 5, EZ condition : 5, power off memory : 1),
SD or SDHC card memory (number : depends on the capacity)
Basic measurement mode5 modes (EZ1: LAeq+LCpeak, EZ2: Record, EZ3: Logging 100 ms, EZ4: NC, EZ5: Loudness)
Clock functionBuilt-in (year/ month/ day/ hour/ minute)
Continuous operation time : approx. 1 year (charging time: 24 hours from entire discharge state)
Calibration history functionBuilt-in memory (number of stored points: approx. 100 points),
Content (Calibration value, VR position for control, internal reference signal of
used sound calibrator, calibration date)
Resume functionStores measurement conditions into the built-in memory
CalibrationReference signal (when connecting external device)Electronic calibration by built-in transmitter (1 kHz sine wave)
Normal range: -6 dB of full-scale
Wide range: -16 dB of full-scale
Recommended calibratorSC-2500ASC-2500ASC-2500A, SC-2120A
Output/InputPhone output (headphone output)Actual sound or recorded sound (playback sound)
Selected 1 band of actual sound or recorded sound (playback sound) in 1/1 octave filter (standard function) or 1/3 octave filter mode (option: LA-0702)
When “UD” of level simulator (LSIM: LA – 0707) is selected, level editing sound. When “AP” is selected, the real sound.
Maximum output    : 0.03 mW (63 Ω: at 1kHz)
Connector              : stereo φ3.5
AC outputOutputs one of A, C, or Z interlocked with the main display
 AC output level
Output level: 0.707 Vrms ±5 (normal range), 2.236 Vrms ±5 (wide range) when range full-scale input,1MΩ loaded
Distortion rate (range full scale): 0.2 % or less
Load resistance: 10 kΩ or more
Offset voltage: ±30 mV or less
Output impedance: 50 Ω± 2%
AC/DC outputSelectable form DC, AC-Z or Through
 DC output level2.5 V ±20 mV (normal range, wide range) when range full-scale input,1MΩ loaded
Scale factor: 0.25 V±10 mV/10 dB
Load resistance: 10 kΩ or more
Output impedance: 50 Ω ± 2%
AC-Z output level
Output level: 0.707 Vrms ±5 (normal range), 2.236 Vrms ±5 (wide range) when range full-scale input,1MΩ loaded
Distortion rate (range full scale): 0.2 % or less
Load resistance: 10 kΩ or more
Offset voltage: ±30 mV or less
Output impedance: 50 Ω± 2%
Through output level0.707 Vrms ±5 % (normal range/ wide range) when full-scale input, 1MΩ loaded
Distortion rate (range full scale): 0.2% or less
External control input
Operation: Reset and start
Control voltage: non-voltage contact input
Input pulse width: 200 ms or more
Absolute max. input voltage: 24.0 V
Level judgment output(*LA-0705)Open collector (output withstand voltage : DC+24V or less, sink current : 20mA or less)
*Output cable (Multi I/O -BNC connector 2 m) : provided as standard
 Level judgment comparison itemSLM mode (Main : Lp), Filter 1/1,1/3 (Main (BP) : Lp), RTA1/1,1/3 (AP1 : Lp), FFT (OVERALL : Instant)
InterfaceRS-232CBaud rate: 9600, 115200 bps, multi I/O cable (sold separately)


Compliant with USB high speed storage class specification ver. 2.0,
USB connection calbe: USB (A) male-USB (mini) male (sold separately)
Function: Command control or mass storage*2
External memorySD/SDHC memory card (SDHC : up to 32 GB)*3
Applicable extension cable
(for microphone extension) *4
103 m (CE conforming cable: up to 30 m)…AG-3400 series
*Cable extension exceeding 5m : with correction function.
Power supply· Size AA battery (alkaline battery cell or Ni-MH secondary vattery) x 4 pieces
· USB bus power (operating input voltage range: 4.75 to 5.25 VDC)
· AC adapter (PB-7090, power consumption: approx. 7 VA when using 100 VAC)
External power operation functionThe main unit is activated automatically when the power is supplied from an AC adapter.
(This function is not available by battery cells.)
Switch on/off can be done with the switch in the battery box (standard function)
Windscreen correction functionFunction to correct the influence of windscreen (φ70)/
All-weather type windscreen (LA-0207A)
LA-7700 : all-weather type windscreen cannot be used with
Battery life (continuous use) *5Alkaline battery cell LR6   : approx. 12 hours
Ni-MH secondary battery: approx. 12 hours
Operating (storage) temperature range-10 to 50 °C (-20 to 60 °C)
Operating (storage) humidity range20 % to 90 %RH (10 % to 90 %RH ) with no condensation
Outer dimensionsApprox. 90(W)×279(H)×42(D)
WeightApprox. 540 g (including batteries)
Accessories·AC adapter (PB-7090)*6
·Hand strap
·SDHC memory card (4G)
·Signal cable (AX-501)
·Size AA battery cell x 4 pieces
·Iinstruction manual (CD)
·Windscreen (φ70 mm)
·Carrying case (including shoulder belt)
·Setup guide

*1: Available with the LA-0709 Ultra low frequency sound measurement function
*2: Supported ver.2.0 or higher version of firmware
*3: Please use a recommended SD card when you use the SD memory function.
*4: The described value is extendable length when the exclusive cable is used.
*5: It depends on the using status such as operation mode, memory mode, and backllight.
*6: Please contact your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby for the outlet cable used for overseas.


LA-07021/3 Octave Analysis function (RTA mode/Filter mode)
LA-0703FFT Analysis function (Narrow band frequency analysis)
LA-0704Sound recording function / Offline analysis function
LA-0705Level judgment function
LA-0707Level simulator function
LA-0708ASound quality evaluation function
LA-0709Ultra low frequency sound measurement function